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A&M Events Team

We believe that the event starts when you first think about having one.

Then you find us!

A&M Events Team focuses on client’s needs first. We get to know you and establish the goals of the event. We work with you and for you to deliver desired results.

We understand how stressful organising a party or conference can be so we are there to take this stress away from you. From our network of vendors, industry connections and experience, we can deliver the event for you- if you prefer we can take care of specific areas or manage it from the beginning to evaluation.  It’s up to you.


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I am passionate about planning and organising events since I remember. I have always organised outings, parties, trips, networking events, gatherings, meetings, exhibitions, meetings. I am always looking for something to do- projects are always on my agenda. I am highly organised and my motto is: “The more you have to do, the more you will be able to complete” People know me as the one who “Can do” and always on the move. Planning is my key skill.
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Social Media Manager
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Visual Project Manager

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